Virtual Reality – GNM Office

Welcome to our Virtual Retreat Space

GNM Prayer Room

Visit the (previous) Good News Ministries office in a virtual experience.

Welcome to the prayer room of the office we had 2011-2019. Come and pray the Stations of the Cross, painted by friends of GNM who donated their gift of art. And find the other meditations embedded in this Virtual Reality faith experience. Enter by clicking on the image below.

GNM prayer room and Tampa office


  • Be sure to click the sound icon to start the music.
  • Click the hotspots and other icons on or off to see what’s there.
  • Three dots in the right upper corner will open or close the tools bar.
  • The tools bar includes icons for navigation help, turning sound off and on, information about our virtual space, sharing this space with your friends, commenting, and liking. (Commenting and liking require signing up at RoundMe; it’s free.) It also includes “Autorotation Off”, which we recommend so you can fully control the view.

On phones and tablets:

  • When it starts, you’ll be asked to allow sound. If this does not work right away, click “allow” again.
  • If the virtual image crashes, you don’t have enough available memory on your device.
  • Do not use the Round Me app or “VR Mode”, which is for VR goggles and does not include the faith-building hotspots.
  • If it doesn’t work on your mobile device, please use a computer.