Holy Week at Home with Jesus

Holy Week at Home with Jesus

Jesus carrying the cross with you

More than normal, this year we are united to the grief Jesus felt during the first Holy Week.

Perhaps the dark night of Jesus’ soul began when he could no longer walk around in public. How difficult and sad that must have been for him!

In our COVID quarantines, neither can we go out in public. How difficult the quarantine is for us! And how sad we feel because we’re blocked from journeying with Jesus inside our parish churches for Holy Week events.

Good News Ministries is here  for you. Below is a guide for making this year’s Holy Week and Easter an extraordinary experience of union with Jesus. The links will take you to various resources on our websites. Give yourself time to let them deeply minister to you.

Palm Sunday

Make a virtual pilgrimage to the Holy Land


Christ's Passion for You


For You I Carry the Cross


Stations of the Cross

Holy Thursday

The Passion in the Garden

Good Friday

My Crucifixionand then…

The Healing Wounds of Jesus

Holy Saturday

How to Turn Your Crosses into Resurrections

Easter Sunday

Mystical Union with Christ

And remember: Easter will still arrive! We can celebrate that Jesus is alive! Jesus is still on the throne. Jesus wears the Crown that has authority over the coronavirus. And Jesus cares about YOU and your family. Expect him to reveal his victory in your life very soon!

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