Four Gifts for Jesus

Four Gifts for Jesus: An Advent Meditation

Advent is a time of waiting for the joy of Christmas.

Explore a virtual world of peaceful scenery to discover gifts Jesus would like to receive.

Four Gifts For Jesus VR Advent Retreat

podcastYou may also just close your eyes and listen
by going to the podcast version.


  • Click once to toggle the hotspots and other icons on or off.
  • Click the hotspots to experience what’s available in this retreat.
  • Three dots in the right upper corner will open or close the tools bar.

On phones and tablets:

  • When it starts, you’ll be asked to allow sound. If this does not work right away, click “allow” again.
  • If the virtual image crashes, you don’t have enough available memory on your device.
  • The iPad seems to have trouble downloading the sounds embedded in some of the scenes. If this happens to you, please use a computer.