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Do you see things differently?

Do you see things differently?


As Christians, we see things differently than others. And the differences are causing larger and larger gaps between us and others, right? Personally, I could sure use a break from this. I’d like the freedom to be myself around everyone, including those who want me to think like the rest of the world. Know what I mean?

We see the importance of conservative values while the world is constantly pushing to see how immoral it can get. We have faith in an invisible God while others prefer to be their own gods. We know that eternal life in heaven is provided by Jesus Christ’s sacrificial love for us, which is necessary due to our sinfulness, while others want us to believe that nothing is sinful.

To see things differently means persecution, rejection, and the loss of loved ones who want to stay far away from our Christian perspective.

The Virtual Reality video that I’d like to share with you today is a departure from the classroom lesson plans that I’ve been posting. This one touched me in a special way, because it’s about seeing things differently. It reveals what it’s like to see music as colors: “Through the Eyes of a Synesthete”.

One in 23 people have a form of synesthesia. And I never knew that before! This beautiful video is an eye-opening experience. It’s best viewed in a VR headset, but even on computer it’s quite pleasant to listen to with your eyes.