Beautiful Creation – 1st Virtual Reality Video

You are a beautiful creation, says God

Our first virtual reality video

What does the beautiful creation around you tell you about what God thinks of you? This is the message of our first virtual reality video.

This video was filmed using Ricoh Theta S, a “consumer-priced” camera ($350), in July 2016, and uploaded to YouTube. Some of the clarity is lost in YouTube processing. However, consumer-priced cameras do not have good video resolution to begin with. But hey, this is our first step into producing immersive videos, and things will only get better! Eventually, we will need to purchase a high-quality camera, such as the GoPro Omni, for the glory of the Lord and the mission of evangelization and faith-growth.

In the video below, use your mouse to push the scene and look all around. Look for Terry Modica walking out of the woods to greet you and share with you what we can learn about God’s view of us by enjoying the beauty of nature.

NOTE: YouTube VR does not play well in phones and tablets (yet). You probably need to view it through the YouTube app to make the scene pushable, but it plays — and looks — a lot better on a computer screen.